Trails Carolina jobs

Trails Carolina jobs


Trails Carolina is more than just a wilderness therapy program; it’s a life-changing experience for struggling youth and their families. While the focus is primarily on the transformation of the students, the backbone of Trails Carolina’s success lies in its dedicated team of professionals. In this article, we will delve into the various job opportunities offered by Trails Carolina and how they play a crucial role in guiding troubled youth towards a brighter future.

Trails Carolina jobs
  1. Field Instructor

The role of a Field Instructor at Trails Carolina is one of the most vital positions within the organization. These individuals are responsible for leading groups of students through the wilderness, teaching them valuable life skills, and providing emotional support. The job requires a deep passion for helping troubled youth, strong outdoor skills, and the ability to facilitate therapeutic experiences in a natural setting. Field Instructors have the unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their students and witness their growth firsthand.

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Trails Carolina jobs

  1. Therapist

Therapists at Trails Carolina are licensed professionals who play a pivotal role in the therapeutic process. They conduct individual and group therapy sessions, assess students’ progress, and collaborate with other staff members to create personalized treatment plans. Trails Carolina employs a diverse team of therapists, including licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), licensed professional counselors (LPCs), and psychologists, ensuring that each student receives the most effective therapeutic support.

Trails Carolina jobs
  1. Nurse

The healthcare needs of the students are of utmost importance at Trails Carolina. Nurses are responsible for providing medical care, administering medications, and ensuring the overall well-being of the students during their wilderness journey. This role requires a combination of medical expertise, compassion, and the ability to adapt to the challenges of outdoor healthcare. Nurses at Trails Carolina play a critical role in maintaining the safety and health of all participants.

  1. Academic Instructor

Education is an integral part of the program at Trails Carolina. Academic Instructors work closely with students to provide structured learning opportunities, assist with homework, and ensure that academic goals are met. These professionals collaborate with the students’ home schools to keep them on track academically while they are in the program. By fostering a positive and supportive learning environment, Academic Instructors help students regain confidence in their academic abilities.

  1. Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselors are often the first point of contact for families seeking help for their troubled youth. They guide families through the admissions process, answer questions, and provide information about the program. This role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills, as Admissions Counselors need to build trust and rapport with families during a challenging time in their lives.

  1. Support Staff

Trails Carolina also employs a variety of support staff, including logistics coordinators, cooks, maintenance workers, and administrative personnel. These individuals play essential roles in ensuring the program runs smoothly and efficiently. From preparing nutritious meals to maintaining the equipment used in the wilderness, their contributions are invaluable to the overall success of Trails Carolina.

Trails Carolina jobs

The Impact of Trails Carolina Jobs

Working at Trails Carolina is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of troubled youth. The job roles within the organization are interconnected, with each staff member contributing to the overarching goal of helping students overcome their challenges and develop the skills needed for a successful future.

  1. Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Many individuals who work at Trails Carolina are drawn to the field because they are passionate about helping young people overcome adversity. The job offers a unique chance to witness personal growth and transformation on a daily basis. Field Instructors, for example, often report feeling a deep sense of fulfillment as they watch their students gain confidence, develop resilience, and build positive relationships with peers.

  1. Professional Development

Trails Carolina is committed to the professional development of its staff. The organization provides ongoing training and support to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles. Therapists, for instance, have opportunities to receive specialized training in areas such as trauma-informed care and experiential therapy techniques.

  1. Building Strong Teams

The collaborative nature of the work at Trails Carolina fosters a strong sense of community among staff members. The shared goal of helping troubled youth creates a bond that extends beyond the workplace. Teamwork is essential in the wilderness setting, where staff members rely on each other to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

Trails Carolina jobs
  1. Making a Lasting Impact

Trails Carolina alumni frequently share stories of how the program changed their lives. Staff members take pride in knowing that their efforts have a lasting impact on the students they serve. Whether it’s helping a student overcome substance abuse, build healthier relationships, or gain a renewed sense of purpose, the work done at Trails Carolina leaves a legacy of positive change.


Trails Carolina jobs are more than just employment opportunities; they are avenues to create lasting change in the lives of troubled youth and their families. From Field Instructors guiding students through the wilderness to therapists providing essential therapeutic support, every role within the organization plays a crucial part in the transformation process.

The staff at Trails Carolina are united by a shared mission: to empower youth to become their best selves. As they work together to achieve this goal, they not only witness the growth and development of the students but also experience their own personal and professional growth. Trails Carolina is not just a job; it’s a calling to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.